The 10K Record by Christopher Healy – Book Give Away

Meet Christopher Healy, a native of Kilmaley, Co. Clare.  In March 2010 Christy and his wife Trish were given the news that their only child, Stephen (18), had Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (a cancer of the lymphoid tissue).  Any parent out there can only imagine the emotional blow and extreme stress this type of news brings, but like any great parents Christy and Trish pulled up their sleeves and faced it head on.  Combined with the positive energy and determination of Stephen they took on this illness…

Due to the support from the Share a Dream Foundation and Christophers’s natural energy, good nature and determination,  it wasn’t long before he decided to ‘give back’… but how

Christopher, who is a vastly experienced diving instructor and runs his own diving school, Atlantic Diving School based in Ennis, Co. Clare, decided to attempt a World Record 10 km dive in order to raise money for the foundation.  This would become a new record with no-one having attempted such a dive before.  The book is the journey of the hard work, determination, dedication, love and support of an amazing man, incredible family and the best friends anyone could ask for all pulling together to set a brand new Guinness World Record in Ireland.

Yesterday I had the chance to chat with Christopher and he answered a few questions for me –

1. Christopher, Where did the idea of a 10K Scuba Dive come from?

A couple of years ago some club swimmers swam from the Aran Islands to Doolin, this was a great achievement and it planted a thought in my mind of using the same route but scuba diving the distance instead.  So I enquired about the distance of the swim and discovered it was about 10km… and so the scuba dive became the 10K Dive…. I was hoping to be able to do the dive in the ocean but due to tidal currents and other factors we were unable to finish our first attempt of the 10K, but did manage to get over 9k in the ocean so I was very pleased with that.

2. What were the risks of such a dive for you personally?

The main health risks of such a dive are, first, Hyperthermia.  The water in Lough Derg was quite cold and for many reasons (explained in the book) I was unable to wear a dry suit which would have kept me warm but instead wore a wet suit which lets water in and out.  In the first dive attempt in open ocean by core temperature dropped and was one of the reasons I didn’t succeed in reaching the 10k.

The second health risk is dehydration, drinking water is certainly required with over 6 hours of physical activity.

3. Would you do the dive again?

Yes I would do the dive again, especially if it means raising money for the Share a Dream Foundation.

4. Any Plans for a future Dive or World Record Attempt?

Well………. without giving away too many details I’ll just say there are some ideas bouncing around…. what will happen next remains to be seen.

To get your hands on an autographed copy of ‘The 10K Record’ just do the following

  • Leave a comment below or head over and like the  Atlantic Diving School Facebook Page and leave you comment there – or leave a comment in both places and double your chances 🙂
  • Your comment must start with ‘Today I’m Diving ____________’ (into the ironing, into a tub of ice-cream, into the Red Sea… what ever you like – be creative)
  • And that’s it… easy right 🙂
Books will be signed at the official launch on Saturday evening (5th May) at Hughes & Hughes, Ennis.  Books will be shipped on Monday (7th May) via normal non trackable postage, but we will ship to you no matter where you are in the world.
A personal message can be written within each book once we receive your message on time – before 5pm on Saturday the 5th of May.
If you would like to buy your own copy the book they will be available to purchase online after Sunday morning (6th of May) on Christopher Healy’s Authors Page.  Books are also available to pre-order with Hughes & Hughes bookstores throughout Ireland and those in the Ennis, Co. Clare area are welcome to come to the official book launch and signing in Hughes & Hughes, Ennis… full details which can be found over on the Atlantic Diving School  Facebook event page.
Yesterday was the first day of the Online Book Tour with took us to Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer 
Tomorrow the book tour will take you to Life and Fitness Magazine, Ireland
Friday to Write Words 
Saturday and final day of the Online Book Tour will be with the lovely CG Online Marketing 
Best of luck to you all


  1. Very interesting to read this interview Catherine. I am in awe of Christopher’s determination and focus – a lesson for all of us, no matter what our challenges in life!

  2. Frederic says:

    Very inspiring, a lesson of determination. With ambition and the right team, you can make all your dreams come true.

  3. Today I’m diving into the Red Sea. I’ve done it before in person, but now I’m doing it in my mind. The underwater world fascinates me like no other place on earth: the starfish, the coral, the jellyfish, and all the other seaworthy creatures dwelling within. Thanks for such an inspiring story. xxx

  4. I’m still in awe over this accomplishment and the amount of work and preparation that went into it. Seriously, words fail me


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