How to create a Relaxing Space in your Home

by Lorna Sixsmith of Garrendenny Lane Interiors

By kind premission of Garrendenny Lane Interiors

Running a business, working long hours in a city, financial anxieties, children, pets, even listening to the news can be enough to make anyone feel anxious and stressed.  With the onset of the increasing doom and gloom from the exterior world, it is even more important to ensure that your interiors, your home, at least some of your rooms, are calming and relaxing. The good news is that for the last couple of years, creating a sanctuary from the exterior world has been a very fashionable interior design trend.

Creating a Sanctuary

By kind premission of Garrendenny Lane Interiors

Decide on a space in your home that is going to be your relaxing personal space. It might be your bedroom or the bathroom, it might even be a secluded corner on the landing.  Furnish it with a comfortable chair that can become your cocoon, it might be a large comfortable overstuffed Victorian armchair or a large beanbag but the most ‘cocoon’ type chairs have to be those in which you can be within your own private world.

Faux fur and throws along with comfortable cushions can be added to make the space warm and cosy so whether you decide to sit there and read a book, sit and dream or sit sewing while listening to the radio, you should feel that it is your space to unwind.  Reading nooks make the perfect space for relaxing.


Think about the colours your home is painted in – greys and soft greens can be the most calming colours. If you like strong colours then place them in rooms where you would like to be energised such as sunny yellows in the kitchen or a dark red in the dining room as red stimulates the appetite and conversation. Keeping calm colours for the bedroom and whatever evening room you spend time in will help you to unwind from the day and sleep better.


It goes without saying that clutter will add to any feelings of stress. Not only may you struggle to find the things you are looking for, but it will create a chaotic atmosphere from the moment you step into your home. Improve your inbuilt storage with lots of drawers or files (all named if need be) for a more organised life.

Let each room have its designated task so that while the kitchen is a place to cook and eat, the bedroom to sleep, the study to work and the living room to unwind so once you enter that room, you follow the prescribed role/task within that space.


Simple touches like an upholstered headboard or a throw over an armchair add such an air of comfort to a room that you will instantly feel relaxed when you walk in.  We relax more when we are warm in the cold months so having touches that warm up a room will help. Wallpaper on walls adds texture so is warmer than paint.   A deep buttoned upholstered chair will seem inviting. Carpet or rugs give texture and warmth to the floor. A space that is big with clean lines and hard flooring will require the creation of small cosy nooks within in, designed for an individual to cocoon oneself in.

By kind premission of Garrendenny Lane Interiors



  1. Going to be moving. This will be perfect for creating a sanctuary in my bedroom. Thanks!

  2. Lovely post and LOVE that cozy looking knitted chair cover! Am going to have to pin it! 🙂

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